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The Impossible Game

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The Impossible Game is a fun arcade-style game created in the two planes world, the game where you have to jump over different obstacles without touching them. You start as an orange cube, and the overall idea of the game is to lead main protagonist to finish. The Impossible Game is a kind of "rhythmic platformer", where at a certain time you need to press certain keys on your keyboard to ensure that the square would jump. You will help to jump over triangle obstacles and over gaps. Make your cube jump over obstacles, climb on the blocks, and in any case do not make mistakes, otherwise you'll have to start from the beginning! The game is for players with a stable psyche, patience and serenity! It has only two levels, but they are very long and complicated. Comparing to other games, which gradually increase the complexity of the gameplay for the player, The Impossible Game immediately makes you use gamer abilities to whole 100 percent. If you fall into the abyss touch the triangle, you will have to start all over again, or from the last save. We are free to set checkpoint anywhere on our way to continue the game from the most suitable place in case of death. But in case you save the game not in a very suitable moment, e.g. in the moment of abyss fall, the game will give you a change to replace your last save by previous one. The impossible game has built in achievements system. 500 restarts without leaving the game or 999 jumps in total will give you new opportunities. In general gameplay is implemented very successfully, synchronization of gaming process and music will not leave you indifferent just like bright texture with clear contours will help you understand the beauty of this game. To jump to press -space" or the left mouse button. You can enable the practice. To do this, press the «F» and flag will be set. For the destruction of the flag click «D». Good luck!